You Always Have a Choice

Choice is such a powerful tool that is always available to you.  However, there are certain situations where you may THINK you don’t have a choice.  In those situations, are you absolutely certain you don’t have a choice?  It’s become very clear that no matter what, you always have a choice.       

For example, I stayed in the technology field for what I often will say was “way too long”. I knew very early on this was not what I wanted to do. When I would consider leaving, it felt like I didn’t have a choice. How did I come to this conclusion?  Most of the time I talked myself out of feeling I had a choice because I allowed myself to believe the ‘scary’ thoughts racing through my head, such as:

  • I’ll never find another job that pays this well.
  • The devil I know is better than the devil I don’t know.
  • My family and friends will think I’m crazy leaving this job.
  • I just can’t…

In reality, I always had a choice.  It’s like my father told me when a I was young girl, “You always have a choice.  You may not like the choices, but you always have a choice.”

Once I realized I DID have a choice and I was choosing to stay in the technology field, I felt empowered.  Even though I couldn’t answer all of the questions swirling around in my head, I realized that it was my responsibility to make a choice. 

I finally chose to take a big step and I hired my first coach to help me figure out “what I wanted to be when I grew up!”. As it turned out, I wanted to be a coach! And, through the years, I have made choices to add different services to my coaching business, such as Soul Level Animal Communication®, Women’s Walking & Virtual Retreats, Horse Wisdom Programs, etc.

I love the business I have created with the numerous choices I have made along the way!

When you stop to think about it, it’s amazing just how many choices you make every day on automatic pilot, such as:

  • what to wear to work (even for Zoom meetings)
  • what to have for breakfast
  • what social media platform to check out first
  • what program to watch 

You just go about your daily routine and make all the necessary choices with little or no consideration. Then, when it comes to the important choices in your life, you often tell yourself, ‘I don’t have a choice.  I should _________ <you fill in the blank>’.  How can it be that when it comes to these critical choices, you don’t think you have a choice? 

The next time you think or say those words ‘I don’t have a choice.’ Instead, why not say:

         ‘I choose to ________ <you fill in the blank>’? 

Notice how it feels to say this.

Perhaps this small change will demonstrate the power you have for taking responsibility for your choices.

And remember…

         Regardless of what you think, you always have a choice!

Helen Kosinski

I'm an ICF credentialed coach and a certified animal communicator. I partner with ever evolving intuitive businesspeople who are on a mission to create a big impact. Before opening my business in 2005, I spent close to 25 years in technology in the financial services industry. Because of my time in corporate, I understand the overwhelm and frustration that keeps businesspeople stuck. I offer my clients unique approaches to gain clarity. This results in dissolving their blocks, getting unstuck and forging ahead to bring their big impact into the world.

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