Does this ever happen to you? 

You start the day feeling great about what you are going to accomplish.  You even have a manageable list of things you want to get done. 

For the first hour, you are cruising along making wonderful progress on your list. 

Then before you know it’s after 5pm and you are looking at your unfinished list wondering where the day went. 

To top it off, after you get home, you have a similar experience as you drag yourself to bed much later than you had planned. 

“Where did the day go?” you ask yourself as you start to fall asleep. 

For some people this situation happens occasionally and for others, it is a daily occurrence.

It’s frustrating because you feel you were prepared to make headway through-out the day.  Then work or life seems to get in the way.  Let’s face it, there will always be interruptions from clients, co-worker and employees or the unexpected happens that needs to be addressed immediately. 

What if you discovered often YOU are the biggest drain of your time, not the outside forces?  Would this surprise you? 

What if you discovered YOU have the power to take back some of your time?  Would you believe me? 

How we THINK we spend our time is sometimes NOT accurate. 

One of the best ways to fully understand where you spend your time is to track it for a couple of days.  This data provides you with a mechanism to accurately assess where your time is going.   It allows you to make calculated changes to find you MORE TIME!

The process of collecting and analyzing your time data is simple in concept; however, it isNOT always easy to execute.  It takes commitment and discipline to record how you use your time.  When you begin to tally where you spent your time, it takes patience and consistency to divide this data into manageable components that will yield useful information for you. 

Why is it important for you to know this challenge won’t be easy? 
It’s not to deter you from participating in this challenge.  It is to set your expectations about what will be required of you to successfully complete this challenge. 

Will the outcome be worth the effort you put into this challenge?
If you struggle with not having enough time, and the result of this challenge is that you RECLAIM more of your time…  You tell me what that is worth to you!

When is this challenge taking place?
Registration for this challenge is currently closed.  Please visit this page regularly to get updates. Or, you can register for Helen’s newsletter, “To Your Success”, which will guarantee you will be one of the first to hear when this challenge is offered again.  Click here to register for Helen’s newsletter.  

How much does this cost?
There is no charge for this challenge. 

How do you register?
Registration is currently closed for this challenge.  Please check back to this page for details about the next time it will be offered.  Or, you can also register for Helen’s newsletter, so you will be one of the first to hear when this challenge is offered again.  Click here to register for Helen’s newsletter.
What will happen during this challenge?
We kickoff your challenge with a 30-minute teleconference call.  During this call we will talk about the process you will use during this challenge and Helen will answer your questions. 

First thing everyday you will receive an email from Helen stating what you will be doing that day.  For example, on the second day of the challenge, you will receive an email letting you know you will begin tracking how you use your time. These emails will be short and to the point. 

On day 4, Helen will hold a 30-minute teleconference call to talk about how to tally and analyze the data you have collected and to answer any questions you may have. 

The last 30-minute teleconference call will be on day 10, to wrap-up of the challenge and to celebrate the work you did! 

Note: There will be three 30-minute live teleconference calls during this 10-day challenge.  If you can be on the call live with us, that is great!  If that’s not possible, the calls are scheduled to be recorded and the links to the recordings will be posted in our private FaceBook group. 

How will you communicate with Helen during this challenge?
Our FaceBook group will be a great resource for you during this 10-Day Challenge.  You can use this group to get answers to your questions, post your successes and ask for suggestions. Helen will be actively involved in this group, so you’ll also have an opportunity to interact directly with her, too, during the challenge.

All materials you will need for this challenge will also be posted in our private FaceBook group.

Do you have a question? 
Click here to be taken to the “Contact” page to ask your question.