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Want Easy? Ask this…

These days, life seems so much more complicated. 

Today we have so many options, which is wonderful AND it definitely makes things more complex.  Here’s a simple example of what I mean – Let’s say you are going to get in touch with a friend or business associate.  It used to be the only options you had was to go visit them in person or send them a snail mail.  The invention of the telephone dramatically changes things and made communicating with someone quick and easy. All of these options are still used today, plus we now have:

  • Voicemail messages
  • Email messages
  • Text messages
  • Social Media message (e.g., FaceBook, Twitter)

Choosing the best way to communicate with someone can feel complicated.  Should you send an email and a text message?  Should I call them and leave a message if they’re not there?  Maybe I should send them a message through Facebook, since they are always liking posts…

Just writing about something as simple as getting in touch with someone, feels complicated! Can you imagine if I was talking about something complex? Wow!

Many of us can take simple situations and make them incredibly complicated (my husband says I have a knack for this…).  Sometimes it may feel as though the more complicated we make something, the more important it is.  Yet there truly is something to be said for making something simple, easy and quick, especially since most of us are always on the go already.

As you prepare for this joyous time of year, why not begin a new habit?  When you’re starting something new, ask yourself:

“How can I make this EASY?”

Pay attention to what you come up with and after you do this a couple of times, notice how you feel?  The benefits of making things easier can be dramatic.  For example, if it’s easy, you’ll be:

  • more likely to actually do the task
  • more confident when starting new tasks
  • able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time
  • less stressed
  • more approachable because you are less stressed
  • able to allocate more time to activities that are most meaningful to you.

I suspect you will discover other benefits, too!

This holiday season, when things are feeling complicated, overwhelming and stressful, stop, take a deep breathe and ask yourself:

“How can I make this EASY?”

You’ll be glad you did!

Helen Kosinski

I’m a coach and an animal communicator. I love to partner with ever evolving people who want more clarity, so they can make a bigger impact!

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  1. Ellen Wanamaker

    You’re so right Helen. Keeping things simple is best, and at the same time so difficult since we live in such a complex world. Great advice!

    1. Helen Kosinski

      Thank you for your comment, Ellen! We do live in a complex world and you are so right, keeping things simple can help us to enjoy and thrive within the complexity.

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