There is nothing more gratifying than having a HAPPY client!  

Here’s what people are saying about working with Helen…

Animal Communication  

“OMG! I just had a jaw dropping and very soulful reading with Helen. She worked with Scout….our high maintenance and very endearing rescue Sheltie. Helen’s intuition is miraculous. Helen really connected with our little rascal.  She gave me insights about Scout that I never considered before. Helen also shared fascinating messages from Scout that made perfect sense. I can’t wait to continue the work with Scout. I have taken many training classes with Scout from the very best trainers. Nobody has helped me tap into Scout’s soul like Helen, did. If Academy Awards were given to Divine animal intuitives (and their parents),  Helen would win hands down! Helen Thank you so very much!”  

~ Chrissy Carew, Founder and Head Coach Insightful Player, LLC,


“Thank you so very much for the reading on Wednesday! We have been reflecting on it since, and, as you said might happen, noticing so many things and their significance in greater resonance.

Interestingly our male cat’s meowing reduced significantly right after the call, and when he has meowed I’ve just spoken to him and explained why what he wants isn’t possible right now and it has worked. I also tried it with both of them when I gave them food that has this dental powder in it that they don’t really like. I told them it might smell funny because of the powder and why it was important for their teeth – and they ate everything on the plate when they’d usually be unenthusiastic and cautious!

Also, our male kitty has been a lot more cuddly and we’ve been noticing his “equalizing” presence and how careful he is to lie exactly between us or give us equal time.

I feel much so better about the move knowing that I can just explain to them what’s going on, and feeling that we’re a “unit” of four all going together.

I will be back in touch at some point in the future (probably after the move) to have you do a reading on my deceased soul cat.

Thank you again, so much, for tuning into our cats and helping us all with this transition.”

~ Jane McCampbell, Trauma Therapist and Coach,


“Thanks Helen!  I’m glad I did it (the Soul Level Animal Communication© reading) and some of the items talked about have already been put into play!  My dog and I are like two peas in a pod and there’s no doubting that!

Oddly, we started putting a few treats in Sass’ food right away and she’s been eating her food right away!” 

~ Justin T. Smith


“I loved the experience of getting to know Mao even better and I was amazed how you were SPOT ON in every way about him! Your skill is truly amazing!
I sat with him while he ate dinner last night.  This morning I only gave him one dish to choose from.  I left him in one of his favorite spots, when I drove off to the office.  He was in a KINGLY POSE looking across the pine grove over to the neighbors house – hoping to catch a view of the fair maiden that lives there (another Maine coon cat). 
I so get him now! Thank you!”
~ Sarah C.


“I asked Helen to provide me with some help regarding my relationship with my girlfriends cat who’s name is Java.

We spoke on the phone and Helen did a read on Java. The results, while being far from what I expected, turned out to be extremely accurate.

The experience gave me a much clearer understanding about the situation but mostly about myself. Java’s point of view or rather what Java wanted me to know was that I try to hard to gain his attention /affection. He wanted me to pull back and trust that he needed to be the done to initiate when it was time to be close. I was able to see how that same wisdom could be applied throughout much of my life. I always try to hard to please.

While going through the session with Helen I knew I was working with the real deal. She is talented, genuine, and comes from the heart. I highly recommend Helen for a pet communication session.”

~ David Young, Owner of Oceanside Manual Therapy, 


“It is great to talk with you and Sophie; that was a fascinating conversation which I am continuing to contemplate. I really value this work that you and the animal communication community provide! 😊”

~ Katie


“Thank YOU so much for helping me connect with my animals and ease my mind around their trip. You are a very talented communicator. When you described my animals, you got them dead on. Please do keep me on your mailing list as I would love to hear about what you up to, and would love to do a reconnection with you once the animals are settled into their new home.”

~ Jamuna Burry, Student of Photography and Photographic Art 


“Helen’s reading of my cat was spot on! Now I know why my cat does what she does and what I can do to correct the situation. I never expected to get so much needed information from this 20 minute session. It was wonderful!”

~ Donna Geheb

Coaching with Animals

“Helen brought me unwavering support and clarity to several aspects of my life, with the assistance of my dog Kara, during my Coaching with Animals 6 meeting package! Helen along with Kara helped me to see the “bigger picture” of things, I was able to understand situations that were happening in my life with an open heart and an awareness to trust myself. I had a feeling of acceptance that everything was going to be ok! Helen has an amazing dedication to her work with people and with their pets. I would definitely recommend Helen to those who are seeking an understanding to those “hiccups” in life. Plus, to work WITH your pet is even better!”

~ Jody Crotty, Animal Communicator,

1-to-1 Coaching

“I have been with Helen for 4 years now, and she is my coach.  I was skeptical at the beginning on how can a coach help me in my different aspects of my life.  I was not only helped but reached freedom.

I will not go into details, but what a difference Helen has made in my life. I am much happier now, better at handling difficulties and challenges in my life. It is like someone in the dark and now I see the light.  The personal coaching I had and still have with Helen had helped me and continues to do so tremendously .  She sheds a subtle light about the things that are not clear to me. I talk about little and big things that are bothersome, and she guides me through them. We all need someone who is neutral and experienced in coaching to shed light on things that are not clear to us. When I’m done with every coaching cession, I feel a  relief, I have answers, and I say AHA.

I have to say this has made my life better…tremendously better.

Thank you Helen very much, you are THE BEST INDEED.

~ Dr. Ghada Massabni, Dentist


“Helen’s coaching has made a huge difference to our small family business. I find myself using skills I learned from her on a daily basis. Since working with Helen, I feel better prepared to prioritize and manage my time each day. The skills are helping me to take our business to the next level. I actually recommend that anyone in business-struggling or not-make the time to meet with her for coaching or to take a time management class. Definitely a worthwhile investment!”

~ Nate Church, Owner of Outside Cleaners, LLC,


“My initial expectation was that I was going to find out some big secret that I was unaware of before. In reality, it  reinforced to me that what I needed to was plan and think things through more thoroughly and then ACT on it.  Your ability to ask the right probing questions led me to some great personal insights. Now, My organization is better, and my processes are much more defined.”

~ J.M, Financial Services Professional


“I have learned how to “market’ myself better.  I have gone far out of my comfort zone (with your help) in developing my relationship building and networking skills.

You listened to me and pointed out key thoughts/ideas I said on a recurring basis  that helped me understand myself and what I needed to do to develop my strengths.  It seems silly to say this, but I did not/could not pick up on the ideas by myself. “

~ M.H., Internal Audit Professional 


“When I signed up for Master the Clock I knew I needed help with organizing my time and prioritizing what was important to me personally as well as professionally.  This proved to be an “enlightening  adventure”.  I say adventure because the “pre-work” for the workshop opened my eyes to exactly what I spend my time on daily.  And quite honestly, yes I accomplish a great many things each and every day, but my days are missing personal satisfaction.  

I was looking at my “pre-work”  thinking,  “how am I going to fit one more thing into my already full days?”  That’s what I was relying on you  to guide me through.   You did not let me down, you took the “pre-work”, broke it down with the entire group as we all watched our schedules unfold.  We talked about delegating items of less importance to free up quality time.  As a group we strategized with each other and gave each other feedback as well as ideas.  

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with this opportunity.  Life is about constantly changing and growing and you have proven to be a huge asset for myself and my business.”

~ Amy Babineau-Hardy, owner of Cape Linen Rentals,


“(The Paradise Path Walking Retreat is…Refreshing, enjoyable, insightful, fun.  And completely do-able, time wise!”

~ Amy Mason, Owner of Amy Mason Design, 


Thank you, Helen. It (The Peace & Plans Virtual Women’s Retreat) was a very nice retreat with wonderful women. I think back to my laughing waves and feel their gentle giggle run thru me.

~ Vicki Sontheim, Intuitive Soul Level Coach & Animal Communicator,


“Thank you and Cody (the horse) for this incredible opportunity (Horse Wisdom for Women Program). It is a reminder for me to keep creating and also to start letting what I create out into the world.” 

~ Susan Jackson


“It (The Horse Wisdom for Women Program) was gentle reminders from Helen Kosinski and Liz Adams, and the horses that I have the space to explore and learn.  This was a beautiful opportunity to step back and let nature, a small group of women and amazing horses, let us be honest!” 

~ Anna Ernest


“I have the pleasure of hearing Helen’s coaching advice on a consistent basis and not only do her words and suggestions help immensely from a time-management standpoint in the business world, but also aid in a well-being aspect to produce a better quality of work and all around life environment.  She has a very calming way of showing stressed out clients tools to make them the most effective business men or women possible.  Helen is extremely knowledgeable in this field given her background in the corporate world and brings a depth of knowledge to her coaching.  Helen is a pleasure to work with and has several different coaching programs available to fit any schedule; I highly recommend her.”

~ Morgan B. Grozier, Attorney at The Law Office of Morgan B. Grozier