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Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading

Jane McCampbell Stuart
Therapist and Coach - www.therapyjane.com
October 26, 2022
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading

Helen Kosinski did a reading for me and my two cats regarding our upcoming move.

The cats were absolutely magnificent! I had been so fearful of them yowling all the way, leaping out at rest-stops or disappearing under the bed of hotel rooms and being unable to get them out again in the morning when it was time to go, but none of that came to pass.

The most helpful information Helen brought through was to communicate with them about what was happening and what the plan was for each day.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my two cats! This experience bonded me to them in a whole new way. We became this unit of four, belonging together and having adventures together. Also, both cats have also been much cuddlier and more affectionate since we got to our new home.

We’re really excited to know we can travel with them!