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Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading

Marilyn Massad
November 21, 2021
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading

"Ella’s story is one from sad to glad! She’s a nine year old Cockapoo. I adopted her from a friend who didn’t want her anymore. Ella was his mother’s dog. By the time she came to me she had been bounced around to many homes, none of them addressed her spine issues saying that she was aggressive. I’d known Ella for a year and knew she wasn’t an aggressive dog. Turned out she was in so much pain and within a week of her living with Spirit, my other dog, and I, she wasn’t walking. Before taking her to the vet I called Helen.

It was the best phone call I’ve ever made!

Helen’s insight and guidance spoke to my soul letting me know that Ella wanted to be loved and be a good dog. She told me that Ella wanted to learn, that you can teach an old dog new tricks. She saw that Ella was a twisted pretzel and in the future she saw her totally chill lying in a field of grass.

When I took her to the vet I had total confidence that she wanted to go and would get help. The vet prescribed Rimadyl and advised rest, rest, rest. Then I brought her to the acupuncturist, taught her how to play with toys and share them with Spirit. Today she is happy and healthy. To look at her you would never know she ever had any problems! All this because of the confidence I felt in my soul after having a reading with Helen."