Increase Your Success Momentum with Celebration

What do you think of when you hear the word celebration?  Do you picture extravagance?  Or maybe you think of lots and lots of people getting together for a party.  Maybe you even think of a fireworks display. Sometimes, extravagance with lots of people (and possibly fireworks!) is the perfect way to celebrate!  And, sometimes, a quiet walk on the beach with your significant other or 15 minutes to read a chapter in a book is the perfect way to celebrate something you have

Let’s take a look at Google’s definition of celebration, which is:

“the action of marking one’s pleasure at an
important event or occasion by
engaging in
enjoyable, typically social, activity

The phrase that stands out for me is “marking one’s pleasure”.  How often do we really mark our pleasure after we accomplish something? If you’re like most people, it goes something like this…  “Done. Now, what do I need to do on this other project?”   This may be accompanied by crossing off the item on a piece of paper or checking it off of an electronic list.  That’s it.  Does this sound familiar?


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