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You love your pet and worry about him or her.  All of this concern can often lead to more stress for you.

It would be so much easier and less stressful, if your pet could talk. This is especially true when:

    • He or she isn’t feeling well and has been given a clean bill of health by your veterinarian
    • Your pet is being naughty (e.g., getting into the trash, waking you up at an ungodly hour)
    • You want to know what you can do to make him or her happier.

If your beloved pet has passed on, you’re sad and feeling so much stress because of this huge loss. You may be concerned because you want to know if he or she:

    • Is okay and/or no longer in pain
    • Understands just how much you miss him or her
    • Would be okay if you get another pet.

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Please click here for more information about the Animal Rescue League of Boston.  Their mission is “unwavering champion for animals in need, committed to keeping them safe and healthy in habitats and homes.”

Disclaimer: A Soul Level Animal Communication® reading is not meant to prevent, diagnose, or treat any medical condition.  Please visit your Veterinarin to address a medical concern with your animal.  

Do you have a question about a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading? Please click here to go to the FAQ For Soul Level Animal Communication® page or click here to send me an email.  

Danielle MacKinnon
Owner of the Danielle MacKinnon School & Creator of the Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
June 25, 2021
Helen Kosinski leads every Soul Level Animal Communication® reading with her heart. Through this heart-centered practice she creates expansive clarity between humans and their animals. In a reading with Helen, you’ll not only hear your animal’s voice and words – you’ll feel held with love by Helen.