A 20% donation will be made to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, Brewster Branch
for all Soul Level Animal Communication® readings scheduled by April 30th, 2024

You love your pet and worry about him or her when something seems off or not quite right. All this concern can often lead to stress and uncertainty for you. Figuring this out would be so much easier if she or he could talk, wouldn’t it? This is especially true when:

    • He or she isn’t feeling well and has been given a clean bill of health by your veterinarian
    • Your pet is being naughty (e.g., getting into the trash, waking you up at an ungodly hour, constantly barking)
    • You want to know what you can do to make him or her happier.

If your beloved pet has passed on, you may be feeling devastated and heartbroken. You may be struggling because you can’t believe she or he isn’t part of your life any more. You may want to know if he or she:

    • Is okay and is no longer in pain
    • Truly understands you did your best and can let you know if there was anything more you could have done
    • Has already been giving you signs to let you know she or he is still around you
    • Understands just how much you miss him or her
    • Would be okay if you get another pet.

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**20% Donation to Animal Rescue League**

Learn what your pet REALLY wants you to know

Receive an answer to one question

Learn the lesson(s) your animal is teaching you

20% Donation to ARL


**20% Donation to Animal Rescue League** 

Learn more details about what your pet REALLY wants you to know

Receive answers to multiple questions

Learn the lesson(s) your animal is teaching you

20% Donation to ARL

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Your payment will be processed by my parent company, Better Than Ever Coaching, LLC.

Disclaimer: A Soul Level Animal Communication® reading is not meant to prevent, diagnose, or treat any medical condition. Please visit your Veterinarian to address a medical concern with your animal.  

Why did I select the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) for this special donation? I volunteer each week at the ARL, Brewster Branch. Additionally, we have adopted several cats from them over the years. In 2002, we adopted our wonderful gray tuxedo cats, Hana and Kona (he led me to the animal communication work I now do!). In 2022, we adopted our current kitties, Mickey and Minnie. They are adorable black and white tuxedo cats! If you’d like to learn more about the ARL’s 125-year history, please click here.

Do you have a question about doing a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading? Please click here to go to the FAQ For Soul Level Animal Communication® page or click here to send me an email.  

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Danielle MacKinnon
Owner of the Danielle MacKinnon School & Creator of the Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
June 25, 2021
Helen Kosinski leads every Soul Level Animal Communication® reading with her heart. Through this heart-centered practice she creates expansive clarity between humans and their animals. In a reading with Helen, you’ll not only hear your animal’s voice and words – you’ll feel held with love by Helen.
Marilyn Massad
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
November 21, 2021
Ella’s story is one from sad to glad! She’s a nine year old Cockapoo. I adopted her from a friend who didn’t want her anymore. Ella was his mother’s dog. By the time she came to me she had been bounced around to many homes, none of them addressed her spine issues saying that she was aggressive. I’d known Ella for a year and knew she wasn’t an aggressive dog. Turned out she was in so much pain and within a week of her living with Spirit, my other dog, and I, she wasn’t walking. Before taking her to the vet I called Helen. It was the best phone call I’ve ever made! Helen’s insight and guidance spoke to my soul letting me know that Ella wanted to be loved and be a good dog. She told me that Ella wanted to learn, that you can teach an old dog new tricks. She saw that Ella was a twisted pretzel and in the future she saw her totally chill lying in a field of grass. When I took her to the vet I had total confidence that she wanted to go and would get help. The vet prescribed Rimadyl and advised rest, rest, rest. Then I brought her to the acupuncturist, taught her how to play with toys and share them with Spirit. Today she is happy and healthy. To look at her you would never know she ever had any problems! All this because of the confidence I felt in my soul after having a reading with Helen.
Linda K., Madison, WI
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
August 3, 2022
Thanks so much for the wonderful reading. So much of what you and Sammi shared both clarified and emphasized important pieces of information. She is definitely a character, and I love that about her. I have seen Sammi turn a corner after being given the chance to ‘speak’ through you. It was such a great reminder of the unique creature that she is, and why she chose me. 
Jane McCampbell Stuart
Therapist and Coach – www.therapyjane.com
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
October 26, 2022

Helen Kosinski did a reading for me and my two cats regarding our upcoming move.

The cats were absolutely magnificent! I had been so fearful of them yowling all the way, leaping out at rest-stops or disappearing under the bed of hotel rooms and being unable to get them out again in the morning when it was time to go, but none of that came to pass.

The most helpful information Helen brought through was to communicate with them about what was happening and what the plan was for each day.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my two cats! This experience bonded me to them in a whole new way. We became this unit of four, belonging together and having adventures together. Also, both cats have also been much cuddlier and more affectionate since we got to our new home.

We’re really excited to know we can travel with them!

Jayne M. Pelosi
(Pictured is Jayne’s handsome male cat) – Interior Designer – www.InteriorsbyJayne.com
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
November 16, 2022

“You know Helen and I have never met; we somehow became friends on Facebook. I understood her to be a kindred soul with respect to her love and devotion to animals. Then I realized she did Animal Communication sessions. I was immediately intrigued! I’ve done readings for almost 30 years but usually only after my animals have passed. This was the 1st time I was able to get lessons from my beautiful furbabies, while they are still alive and gracing me with their presence.

Helen’s ability to read and interpret all three of my kitties was profound. Her insights were spot on…touchingly tender, and she delivers her message with warmth and humor.

I recommend Helen with great enthusiasm and without reservation!”
Amy Grant from the U.K.
Soul Level Animal Communication® Reading
February 29, 2024

Thank you so much for your reading with Hammy. Even though I have cried so much..it has given me much comfort. I just miss him dearly.