Your to-do list feels miles long.  The holidays are right around the corner.  There is unrest in the world.  These are just a few things contributing to your stress.  Have you noticed when you’re faced with a big deadline or a challenging conversation or some other situation that causes you stress, your body has a physical reaction, too?  Your body actually interprets stress as you being in danger and it automatically goes into “fight or flight mode”.

Here are some ways your body is immediately affected by stress, according to the WebMD website (


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More is Better! Not Always…

More is Better!  So many people in our society feel this way.  More money!  More space in your home!  More clients!  More clothes!  MoreMore. More.

I agree, sometimes more is definitely better.  For example, I think more hugs from someone I love are definitely better!

It really comes down to the concept of excessiveness.  How much is too much?  When does more actually become less?


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5 Productivity Tips Reinforced by Jet Lag

We had an amazing trip to Europe this summer!  We traveled to four different countries and we were exposed to so much history it made our heads swim!

I traveled abroad for business in my 20’s.  Jet lag never seemed to be a big deal for me.  This trip was totally different!  Coming home, the six hour time difference really did a number on me.  Wow!  I was NOT expecting that!  So, here are five productivity tips that were reinforced as I coped with and (as you would expect) conquered my jet lag.


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