How interactive will this workshop be?
Helen loves to create very interactive workshops, regardless if she holds them in-person, over the phone or as a webinar.  She keeps the number of participants small enough so everyone has the opportunity to actively participate.  Helen has run many different tele-programs in the past.  She has developed an engaging style that puts the people participating at ease and eager to share. 

I won’t get any personal attention from Helen.
This is not true.  There are a couple of different ways you will be able to get personal attention from Helen.  During the actual workshop calls, you will be talking directly to Helen and the other participants.  In-between calls, you can post your questions, comments, ask for feedback, etc. in the private FB group that is setup just for the participants of this workshop.  Helen will be monitoring and participating within this group. 

Will I get as much out of this virtual workshop as I would if it was held in-person?
How much you get out of any workshop whether it is in-person or held over the phone really depends upon you.

Will I have access to Helen in-between calls?
Helen will be actively participating in the private FB group that is setup just for the participants of this workshop.  You can post your questions, comments, ask for feedback, etc. there.  Helen and the other members of the group will be there to support you.

What happens if I have to miss a call or part of a call?
Helen plans to record all of the calls and have the links to the recordings posted in the FB group.   Re-listening to the recording can also help if you want to clarify a point or just to solidify a nugget of wisdom you hear during the live call.

How does doing a workshop over the phone work?
It’s simple!  You are given a phone number and PIN before the first call (this information will also be posted in the FB group).  A few minutes before the workshop begins, you call the phone number, enter the PIN and introduce yourself.  It’s that easy! 

Can I call into the workshop while I’m driving?
Technically, yes you can.  However, Helen recommends you do not call in while you’re driving because you may not get as much out of the workshop because you’re distracted by driving and she’s also concerned about your safety.  Also, there are a number of points during the workshop Helen will be asking you to write something down, which will not be possible if you’re driving. 

How will I get the materials (e.g., documents, recordings) for this workshop?
All of the materials will be sent out via email.  Additionally, they will also be posted in the FB group.


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