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FINALLY an approach to time management that isn’t mechanical!

This program gets to the HEART of what MOTIVATES YOU and uses this information to support the CHOICES you make every day!

I’ll keep this short, since I know you’re busy and strapped for time or you wouldn’t be considering this workshop!

The concept of time management is a myth!

Each person on the planet has 24 hours to use every day. Then why does it seem some people know how to manage their time more efficiently than others? This boils down to the CHOICES they make about the way they USE their time.

How many times have you said, “I don’t have time” or “I need more time”?  If you’re like most people, you often feel squeezed by the lack of time.

The truth is you do have the time, if you CHOOSE to have the time.  When you think about time as a CHOICE, you have much more CONTROL over what you accomplish, the events you participate in, the number of hours you sleep, etc.

During Master the Clock you will learn how to implement concepts to free you from being a slave to the clock!  You will be surprised at how much you do accomplish and how energized you feel in the process!


  • Business Owners
  • Corporate Managers
  • Teams
  • Individual Contributors

Are you a business owner or corporate professional who feels:

  • As though you do not have enough hours in the day to do everything
  • Like all you do is work, yet you almost always seem to be behind, you’re never able to catch-up or you feel unproductive
  • Stressed and overwhelmed
  • Scattered and unfocused?

If any of the above is TRUE, MASTER the CLOCK is the perfect SOLUTION!


  • Module 1: What impact would more time make in your life?
  • Module 2: What is your relationship to time?
  • Module 3: Where does your time currently go, where do you REALLY want it to go and what is the gap?
  • Module 4: How can you overcome your time barriers?
  • Module 5: What tools and techniques can you use?
  • Module 6: What’s next for you?

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You are BUSY!

Master the Clock has been developed to serve YOU in the most effective and efficient way possible.  During Master the Clock, you will be given the opportunity to learn how to find time, when it seems like you are already booked every minute of the day.  Also, you will begin to alter how you use your time in order for you to be more productive, less stressed and more focused.  


You will get:

  • Direct access to Helen for the duration of Master the Clock
  • Recordings of all calls, in case you have to miss a call or you want to refer back to the materials covered during a call.
  • A private Facebook page just for the participants, where you can keep in touch with the other participants, as well as have direct access to Helen, for up to 1 month after the conclusion of Master the Clock
  • Forms and materials you can use over and over again.
  • Seven – 60-minute group telephone meetings (one 60-minute call per month) 
  • Seven – 30-minute Q & A telephone meetings (one 30-minute call per month)
  • One – 30-minute telephone coaching meeting with Helen to be used anytime during the course of Master the Clock, up to one month AFTER Master the Clock ends


At this time, the Master The Clock 7 Month Coaching Program is not being offered.  Please come back to this page periodically to see if the new event date is available or you can click here to register for Helen’s newsletter, which means you will be among the first to hear when this program is being offered.  

If you’re looking to immediately start a coaching program focused on finding more time, please click here to visit the 1-to-1 Coaching Programs page (this is something Helen regularly works on with her private clients).



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Helen wants you to be 100% satisfied with “Master the Clock”.  She is offering you the opportunity to try this group coaching program risk free.  If after you complete the first module, your expectations have not been met, notify her by e-mail and she will refund whatever you have paid up until that point – no questions asked.

Questions?  Click here to contact Helen!