Procrastination affects all of us at one time or another.

You know the feeling.

You have an IMPORTANT task you KNOW you NEED to get started and…

You decided to clean up your drawer or do the laundry or organize your pencils!  You will do ANYTHING to NOT get started! 

Believe it or not, I faced procrastination head-on when I was developing this very teleclass.  For me, it feels like a gigantic tug of war going on inside of me.  I KNOW I must get started, and yet I just can’t seem to get started.  (During this workshop, I’ll share why I was procrastinating, what I did to get started and to continue moving forward.)

Have you noticed…

  • Once you get started and put a plan together, then it’s much easier to maintain your momentum? 
  • The task you spent hours putting off, ultimately took LESS TIME to complete than you thought it would take and it was MUCH EASIER than you thought it would be? 
  • After you completed this nagging task, you have a wonderful sense of accomplishment? 

Why do you want to attend the Get Started Now workshop?

During this teleclass, you will learn:

  • The different reasons procrastination occurs and strategies to stop it in its tracks.
  • 5 ways to overcome procrastination when you’re right in the middle of it
  • 1 way to prevent procrastination from occurring ever again

Additionally, you will identify your biggest procrastination challenge and an action plan to address it.

Finally, Helen will be doing real-time coaching during the call. You have an opportunity to be selected (if you want to…) for this extra-special coaching segment.

When is this workshop being held?

The Get Started Now workshop will be held on TBD. 

The core workshop will run approximately 45-minutes. Helen will remain on the line for a Q&A Session after the core education for as long as necessary to have all your questions answered.

When you register for the workshop, you will be given a special phone number and access code. On the workshop date, a few minutes before 6pm (Eastern), call the number, enter the access code and you’re on the call!

What if I can’t make the call or I must leave early?

This workshop is scheduled to be recorded. Everyone who registers for the Get Started Now workshop will receive a link to the recording.

What else do I need to know?

A closed Facebook group will be created for this workshop. As soon as you are registered, you can join this group. It will be a terrific way to connect with other people who want to outsmart procrastination. You can ask questions, share ideas and post your successes! Helen will be interacting with you daily.

Any materials you need for this workshop will also be posted in this closed FaceBook group.

This group will stay open for one month after the completion of the workshop.

How much does this workshop cost?

The cost for the Get Started Now workshop is $27.

How do I register?

Registration is currently closed for this workshop.  Please check back to this page for details about the next time it will be offered.  Or, you can also register for Helen’s newsletter, so you will be one of the first to hear when this workshop is offered again.  Click here to register for Helen’s newsletter

What is the cancelation policy?

A complete refund is available up to seven (7) days before the start of the workshop.  However, after that time, if you need to cancel, you will be given a credit towards another workshop or another service offered by Helen Kosinski. Once your payment is received, Helen will send you an email confirmation and additional information about your time together!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

~ Mark Twain


How do I find out more about Helen?

She has:

  • An M.B.A. from Boston University
  • The Coach U Certified Graduate designation
  • The Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • The Equine Guided Educator (CEGE) certification
  • Completion of the Adventure & Retreat Training program

Helen loves working with people who want to design and achieve success on their own terms…success your way!

If you’d like more information about Helen and her background, please click here.

Do you have a question? Click here to be taken to the “Contact” page to ask your question.