Here are some of the different roles provided when you and I work together:

                   ROLE                                PURPOSE
Certified Coach Implement various coaching methodologies, techniques and skills acquired during professional coach training, as well as, honor the International Coach Federation
(ICF) standards and ethics
Strategic Partner Engage with you to identity your definition of success and what you want/are willing to do to attain that success
Success Advocate Ensure you successfully achieve the goals you have defined for yourself
Sounding Board Create a safe environment to explore any thoughts, ideas or possibilities without judgment
Trusted Confidante Provide a confidential environment allowing you to talk freely about anything
Educator Utilize my experiences, training and expertise to provide resources, knowledge,  models, etc. to promote your forward movement and success
Devil’s Advocate Share perspectives you may not want to consider (without any personal attachment to me) because this perspective may have merit or may provide insights to promote forward movement for you
Cheerleader Encourage you when situations are challenging and your enthusiasm wanes
Objective Observer Bring things you don’t see to light in an effort to create awareness for you
Accountability Partner Support you as you honor the commitments you have made to yourself by keeping you focused,
on-track and able to break through roadblocks