I live on gorgeous Cape Cod with my husband and 2 kitties, Minnie & Mickey, where I work as a business coach and an animal communicator. Creating a business where I partner with humans and animals to inspire clarity and impact, is a dream come true!  My current career is something I could never have imagined as I sat in my corporate cubical years ago… 


As a child, I loved animals, playing outside with my friends and pretending to be a teacher!  

On the flip side, I told my father over and over I would NEVER work in corporate. Why? Because I watched as it consumed his life and I wasn’t going to follow in those footsteps.  Never say never!  I spent almost 25 years in the corporate world.  For most of that time, I knew in my heart it was NOT where I was supposed to be, and yet, I stayed because it was comfortable and they paid me very well.

It’s worth noting that during my tenure in corporate, I adhered to my own definition of success (most of the time).  For example, I was keenly protective of my time.  I was NOT going to give them my life, as I felt my father had done. 

In 2004, I finally took the leap and began working with my first coach.  It wasn’t long before I decided I wanted to become a coach.  During the process of working with my coach, I re-discovered what was most important to me and I wanted to do the same for others.

I love partnering with my clients!  They work hard and the progress they make is amazing.  Coaching is like watching a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly! 

Interestingly, as much as my clients have transformed, so have I.  My new definition of success includes working with people while incorporating unique and different ways to enhance their coaching experiences. 

For example, every time I thought of added animals to my coaching work, I couldn’t picture what that would look like.   

That all changed when I learned about Skyhorse EGE™ (Equine Guided Education), which combines horses and coaching. Horses are wise wonderful teachers who find exceptional ways of communicating their essential messages. 

As I was able to do more work with the horses, I kept feeling there must be a way to coach with all different types of animal species.  That’s when I discovered animal communication, with an important twist. I’m now a certified Soul Level Animal Communicator®.  

What makes this type of animal communication perfect to work on with my coaching clients?  Part of the reading focuses on the lesson a particular animal is here to teach their human. Since the animal’s goal is to help the human be their best, providing coaching around the soul level lesson creates an incredible opportunity for transformative growth for the animal’s human.

I am honored to be doing this incredible work!  And, I am always humbled and  grateful when the people I work with share their experiences.  Please click here to read some of the wonderful testimonials I have received. 

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