5 Ways to De-Stress in the Midst of Challenges

Life is full of wonderful exciting opportunities! And, with those exhilarating opportunities often comes some challenging situations. 

Logically, I understand I often end up learning a lot during these challenging times, even if this is NOT my favorite way to learn!

Here are my favorite 5 ways to de-Stress when you are smack in the midst of challenges:

1. Get physical

Removing yourself from the challenge and doing something physical, even for just a few minutes can help you come back to the situation with a fresh perspective.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a walk (one of my favorites)
  • Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood
  • Put on your favorite “get up and go” song and do some dancing
  • Go to the gym and do kickboxing
  • Go to the local park and shoot some basketball

The point is to get out of your head and get your body moving.  What will work best for you?

2. Do something fun

Just like #1 above, removing yourself from the challenge and giving yourself permission to do something fun and restorative can help you to come back to the situation with fresh eyes. Here are some possibilities:

  • Read a book or magazine
  • Grab coffee or meal with friends
  • Go to a movie
  • Spend time with your family.

Doing something you really enjoy can shift your perspective (e.g., maybe this situation isn’t such a big deal). What is your favorite fun thing to do?

3. Talk with someone you trust

Being able to share what’s happening with another person can lighten the load tremendously. This could be a friend, a significant other, a mentor or a coach. There’s no reason you have to go through this challenge alone.  And, if you combine #1 and #2 above with this one, for example, going for a walk (which is fun for you) with a trusted friend…you’ve got the trifecta! Who would you like to share a challenging situation with (and perhaps be their “buddy” when they have a situation that they need to talk through)?

4. Be curious

Looking at a challenging situation by asking some questions can help to alter the situation.  Here are few possible questions to keep you curious:

  • What can I learn in this situation?
  • What information do I want to clarify, instead of making assumptions?
  • What tools or techniques do I need/want to apply or learn to improve this situation?
  • Who has gone through something similar, that can help me?

What question(s) would help you stay curious in a challenging situation?

5. Put a plan in place

I’m a planner.  I find that when I have a “game plan” for the next step or two in a challenging situation, then I feel much more at ease.  It may be as simple as deciding to set up a time to talk with a particular person, figuring out how I will start the conversation and what outcome I want.  What is your next step to resolve your challenging situation?

Challenging situations can take a lot of time and energy to move through.  Looking at what you can do to take care of yourself during this time, is key to being able to handle the situation in the most productive way.  This is not to say, the outcome will always be what you want; however, you will be in a better frame of mind to accept (or celebrate) whatever the outcome is.

Helen Kosinski

I'm an ICF credentialed coach and a certified animal communicator. I partner with ever evolving intuitive businesspeople who are on a mission to create a big impact. Before opening my business in 2005, I spent close to 25 years in technology in the financial services industry. Because of my time in corporate, I understand the overwhelm and frustration that keeps businesspeople stuck. I offer my clients unique approaches to gain clarity. This results in dissolving their blocks, getting unstuck and forging ahead to bring their big impact into the world.

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  1. Bob Mierzwinski

    Good advice… hears another one I find helpful , especially when being so isolated
    Think and act kindly… it costs nothing , it may not be recognized , but from a selfish perspective, it makes you feel good

    1. Helen Kosinski

      What’s really cool is that the kindness can have a domino effect…you are kind to someone whose day gets better because of you, so they treat someone else with kindness, and on it goes! The other really fun part of that is you really have no idea what a big impact you’ve had on the world by being kind to one person! Just thinking about that starts to relieve some stress, doesn’t it?! Thank you, Bob, for this wonderful suggestion!

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