Life is too short to spend it feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed. 

Would you like to figure out how to:

    • gain clarity about how to move forward  
    • start making the impact you’ve always dreamed of making
    • have more time to do your favorite things?

Gaining the clarity you need to make the impact you have always dreamed of making, while creating a life of joy seems like it should be easy. Sometimes this can be challenging to do. That’s where these two benefits of working with me become invaluable:

    1. We will work together to uncover the clarity you want and need to create your impactful and joy-filled life 
    2. I will be there with you as your accountability partner, devil’s advocate, sounding board, etc. as you take steps forward.

Below are two of my popular coaching options:


Free Trial





3 months

6 meetings

Two – 45-minute telephone meetings per month

Direct email access to me

Payment plan available


6 months 

3 meetings

Three – 45-minute telephone meetings to be held, as needed, over a maximum of six months

Direct email access to me

Payment plan available


Additional coaching options are available.  If you’d like more information, please click here to contact me to share your particular coaching requirements.  

Do you have questions about coaching? Please click here to go to the FAQ For Coaching page or click here to send me an email.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you work with a coach! 

Are an animal lover? Then you’ll want to click here to check out my Coaching with Animals offerings! 

Marie Kelly
1-to-1 Coaching
July 23, 2016
“As one of 2400 Realtors on Cape Cod, it’s critically important for me to maintain my competitive edge. Helen initially assisted me through her “Get Clients Now!” program, which helped me create a system for efficiently and effectively identifying and pursuing new leads.  As my business grew and I began to feel overwhelmed with leads and clients, I called upon Helen once again. Through her personal coaching program, we were able to pinpoint the bottlenecks and sources of stress in my business activities and craft solutions to eliminate them. Thanks to Helen, I am continuing to grow my business, but in a more streamlined, manageable, and ultimately more profitable manner.”