Hi! I'm Helen...

I’m a business coach and animal communicator. I love to partner with ever evolving intuitive businesspeople who are on a mission! They are passionate, lifelong learners, committed to making a difference in our world. They also love animals! 
When we work together, you’ll dissolve the blocks holding you back. You’ll determine the individual values driving your passion. Armed with this clarity, you’ll be ready to create the impact you’ve always dreamed of making!

Communicating with your pet is an easy way to get answers to your questions about him or her and gain valuable insights about yourself.

Uncertainty is exhausting! Coaching is the perfect answer. Clearing your path so you can make your desired impact is my goal.

Who knows you better than your animal? He or she wants to help you create the best version of yourself as you build success in your business.  

Clarity is the key to knowing where you want to go and the impact you want to make. When you have clarity, you are unstoppable!

I specialize in...

  • Partnering with my clients so they allow their real self to shine through their business

  • Using unique and innovative ways (e.g., coaching with animals) to support my clients in their quest for clarity and impact

  • Holding my clients accountable for their self-defined commitments

  • Reducing the stress and overwhelm for my clients, so they can easily determine their best next steps

  • Celebrating the successes with my clients, which is a wonderful motivation for them to keep moving forward

Last April, two of our beloved pets reached the end of their lives at the same time. We were in that dreaded position of having to decide when the time had come. We reached out to Helen and she did the most beautiful reading for us. She held space like nobody’s business, shared what the animals needed us to know, and offered up the Life Lesson my Potter was here to share with me. I wept buckets! It made it a wee bit easier when the time came to trust it was indeed time. Helen is truly gifted AND highly trained!
Helen House, Living and loving this Life through all things Co-Active, Creative, and Akashic Records
Animal Communication Reading
What a difference Helen has made in my life. I am much happier now, better at handling difficulties and challenges in my life. She sheds a subtle light about the things that are not clear to me. I talk about little and big things that are bothersome, and she guides me through them. When I’m done with every coaching session, I feel a relief, I have answers, and I say, “AHA”!
Dr. Ghada Massabni, Dentist
1-to-1 Coaching Client
As a first-time coaching client, I was cautious about hiring a coach. After working with Helen in the Coaching with Animals Taster Experience, I am completely blown away. The knowledge and support she provided was second to none. And working with my cat Molly was such a special experience. Our pets are wiser than we can imagine! I felt nurtured, enriched and valued. Helen is always on your side and embodies the word coach to the fullest. You will not be disappointed with the knowledge and guidance gained with Helen as your coach.
Stephanie K.
Coaching with Animals

“It’s inspiring when my client creates the clarity they wanted and are now ready to take action…”

Your animal wants you to be the best version of yourself! There is a lesson he or she is working on with you. Are you curious? Setup a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading with me to learn more about your lesson or work with your animal while you experience the power of coaching.

This is an organization near and dear to my heart! I volunteer at the ARL, Brewster Branch. We’ve also adopted several cats from them! This picture is of our current sweet kitties, Minnie (front) and Mickey (back), who we adopted in December 2022! 

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